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Flower Essences for Personal & Spiritual Growth & Wellbeing

Each Dancing Dolphin Flower Essence was organically grown by Takara or wildcrafted in its natural habitat - a sacred mountain in Southern California, in Canada along Lake Ontario, or in the high desert near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Using a proprietary process, Takara enhances each essence to be more effective, more highly refined, and at a much higher vibration than without the added upgrade. (1 ounce)

Dancing Dolphin Essences are the New Wave of Wellness. After each flower or gem essence is prepared in the traditional sacred way which would then be sold to you by most vibrational essence manufacturers a Dancing Dolphin Essence has only begun to take on the healing vibrations that they contain in the end.

Each essence undergoes numerous alchemical infusions that raise the vibration, refine the energy, and soften the experience. The result is a totally unique, highly effective product that assists you in achieving and maintaining a state of harmony and balance within yourself and with your world.

All Dancing Dolphin Flower Essences are lovingly prepared by hand after your order is received. Please allow ample time when ordering.

"My husky mix used to cry out in his sleep and whimper nightly. I started adding just a few drops of Inner Peace and after a few weeks he was sleeping peacefully. It even calmed down my beagle beast."
- Lillian Pettinato, R.N., Registered Acupuncturist

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Calm - morning glory. Assists in answering the question: "How do I experience more peace, harmony, and tranquility?" Tonic for nervous system, aids in breaking nervous habits, calming down and balancing your nerves, relieves depression and anxiety, heightens the senses, reduces fatigue, soothes aching joints, and reduces inflammation. Stops the jittery feeling some people experience in their legs that sometimes accompanies energy rushing through the body. (Great Lakes Essence)



Development - portulaca bud, Made under the sun and full moon. Assists in answering the question: "How can I expand into the energy of what I would like to create?" It assists with expansion, newness, starting new projects, planning, creativity, clarity, and purpose. Assists you to further develop yourself. It also assists in becoming more flexible to what is true. (Great Lakes Essence)




Dreaming - english daisy bud. Assists in answering the question: "When will I feel safe, relaxed, and secure?" Can assist adults in their dream process - remembering their dreams, understanding the symbols, and dream interpretation. Also assists with Shamanic Journeys. Helps children sleep throughout the night, to have sweet dreams, helps for restless sleep, also when there are nightmares.
This essence is excellent for children. It will help them feel safe in this 3rd dimensional world. (Great Lakes Essence)



Feelings - morning glory. Assists in answering the question: "How do I truly feel at this moment about ____ (you fill in the blank)?" "Why don't I want to feel _____?" Deals with the emotional body. Also deals with the mental body because the ego makes decisions based on the past. Opens up your feelings. Makes you aware of negative emotions that you are holding on to and not expressing. Aids you in expressing your feelings where in the past you have shut your feelings down. Helps in the release of long held negative emotions such as anger and fear. Provides a safe place for deep-seated emotions to surface. (High Desert Essence)



Feminine Arts - trumpet lily moon, made under the full moon (for both men and women). Assists in answering the question: "How can I embrace all aspects of the feminine energies?" Assists with spirituality, feminine aspects and qualities of the Universe. Come into a more holistic way of living and creating. Accepting the feminine aspects of self. Helps with nurturance, nurturing self, self healing, opening to the gift of hands on healing and intuitive abilities. For a woman it helps to embrace the true vibration of femininity versus the paradigms of the patriarchal system. For a man it helps them break through the expectations they have of women because of the patriarchal system and ancestral history they hold. It allows them to acknowledge and accept the feminine in its true vibration and to embrace their own feminine side. (Great Lakes Essence)



Harmony - petunia bud. Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more harmony and peace into my life?" Assists in harmonizing all of the bodies and all of the chakras, which allows wholeness. Helps to bring harmony into relationships, in co-creation with others, family and work relationships, business partnerships. Helps in healing the past and family wounds. May assist in stabilizing blood sugar. (Great Lakes Essence)



Healing - shasta daisy. Assists in answering the question: "Why doesn't my life work?" Helps to uncover the aspects of self that are out of alignment or balance. Helps to discover the core cause of dis-eases in one's life and physical ailments. Once uncovered, it helps to heal what is out of alignment. It is a playful energy. Healing doesn't have to be hard. It assists in taking the struggle out of healing. Can really help someone suddenly faced with the need for healing. (Great Lakes Essence)



Intuition - morning glory bud. Assists in answering the question: "Can I trust my intuition in making decisions in life?" Assists with sensitivity. Heightens senses. Heightens the sixth sense. Heightens intuition. Helps to trust your own inner guidance or knowingness. Reduces fatigue. Soothes aching joints and reduces inflammation. This essence helps bring in flexibility and acceptance. (Great Lakes Essence)



Joy - marigold bud. Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more magic, play, and de-light into my life?" Brings the light of joy and sunshine into your life. Can lighten even your darkest moments. Used for sadness. Brings a ray of hope. (Great Lakes Essence)



Lightness - english daisy. Assists in answering the question: "How can my life be less serious and more simple and more playful?" "How can I ever do all this?" Brings bliss. For not taking things so seriously. (Great Lakes Essence)



Purity rose. Allows you to gently and comfortably purify your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is a great essence to take prior to energy work, as you are processing and releasing anything, prior to an initiation or upgrade in energy of any kind. Anytime you feel sluggish, congested, or stuck, it helps bring you into a more loving and purified place. (High Desert Essence)


Quiet Place Within - queen ann's lace. Assists in answering the question: "How can I access that place within myself of inner silence and knowing? Extremely helpful for meditation. Good for focusing and calming the mind. Good for anyone who has trouble meditating. It helps calm the mind to make meditation easier. It slows down the nervous system and the brainwaves enough that you can access a deeper level of meditation - a slower brainwave. Aids in listening and receiving clear information, which allows you to make better decisions. (Great Lakes Essence)



Solar Initiation - pacific silverweed. Assists in answering the question, "What resistance, anxieties and frustrations am I willing to release?" Like being in the warm sun, warms the body and the soul. Step into the glory of the sun and be supported by the Sun to expand into your full power. Helps to connect the heart, mind, and soul with the support of the Divine. Perfect for cloudy days or when you work indoors with no windows. Good for merging with sun and heat. Good during hot flashes and if you are sensitive to solar flares. (Mountain Essence)



Star of Truth - mickelmas daisy. Laser like focus on the real truth of any situation. Very illuminating. Will reveal any discord. You will see everything with new eyes. It assists you to surrender to the Truth. It helps the ego let go of its resistance, of the need to be right, of how it thinks things should be, being attached to outcomes or the result. Begin to be the fullness of who you are. (High Desert Essence)



Summer Sunshine - golden aster. Assists in answering the question: "How can I have more hope and joy in my life? Brings in fun and joy. It is great for children. Brings a ray of hope. Bright and lively. Awakens your spirit and brings joy. Light and warm. Assists in opening to good things in life and seeing the lighter side of things. Assists in getting through the Dark Night of the Soul and deep levels of depression. Helps you get clear about the dreams you truly desire. Shines light on your life and dreams. Helps children understand that life doesn't have to be so serious. It can be much more playful than many people make it. Also helps children get clear about their true dreams and desires. (High Desert Essence)



Uniqueness - petunia. Assists in answering the question: "Am I willing to accept who I am and my uniqueness?" Really accepting yourself as the unique being that you are. Assists those that feel they don't fit in to truly accept themselves for who they are. Helps bring in true friendships, acceptance of others. Assists in understanding the other kingdoms of the world. Stabilizes blood sugar. (Great Lakes Essence)





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