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Dancing Dolphin Gem Essences

Extraordinary vibrations in elixir form from some of the most exquisite gems we have ever encountered. Most of the gem essences were made from sets of 6 or more perfectly matching stones - perfectly matched both energetically and visually.



Dancing Dolphin Essences are the New Wave of Energy Medicine. After each flower or gem essence is prepared in the traditional sacred way which would then be sold to you by most vibrational essence manufacturers a Dancing Dolphin Essence has only begun to take on the healing vibrations that they contain in the end.

Each essence undergoes numerous alchemical infusions that raise the vibration, refine the energy, and soften the experience. The result is a totally unique, highly effective product that assists you in achieving and maintaining a state of harmony and balance within yourself and with your world.

All Dancing Dolphin Gem Essences are lovingly prepared by hand after your order is received. Please allow ample time when ordering.


Kyanite Dancing Dolphin Essence

Josh, a man from Canada, requested that I make a black kyanite essence and then blend it with the blue, so that the blue kyanite would be a bit more grounded for those who are highly sensitive. I was delighted to fulfill his request. Here is what he had to say about it:

"The kyanite is amazing! My "body" has been tense / stressed, in a manor of speaking and about 2 minutes after taking the kyanite my muscles relaxed, my persona relaxed, and my spine started to release!" - Josh, Toronto, Canada

Thanks Josh for the request and for your feedback. The blue kyanite is now available with or without the black.

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Gem Essences

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Amethyst - Works with the pituitary and the pineal glands. Gently works with and opens the crown chakra. Helps in brain function, particularly areas currently lying dormant. Helps to activate synapses. Assists the endocrine system. The violet ray has the natural ability to transform. Great calming essence for the bath. Helps the cells stay within their integrity and strength from their original divine blueprint instead of morphing into something else - if that is for the highest good of the individual. The vibration of this essence is very high.



Azurite - Assists in intuitive and psychic development. Aids in seeing from a new perspective. Great for meditation. Helps move beyond fear. Assists the healing process in happening in a smoother more gentle way.



Blue Kyanite - Great for speaking truth. Aids in the manifestation process. Helps to rebalance and align the body after healing. Assists in energy (Chi) movement and strengthening within the body.



Blue Kyanite with Black Kyanite added for grounding


Blue Sapphire - Works with the pituitary. Helps with mental clarity and connecting with Divine Will from the highest aspect of self. Assists with courage to face your fears. If one is attuned to this color, it can be a great protective energy. Can work in conjunction with the throat chakra. When you can see the truth, it helps you to speak it. Strengthens the liver and kidneys. Helps with intuition and psychic abilities. Strengthens and opens the 3rd eye. Can place drops on the 3rd eye and throat.



Carnelian - Be here now. Aids in revitalizing the body. Learn to trust yourself. Stimulates metabolism. Very motivational.
Chrysoprase - Works with the high heart or thymus chakra. Softens emotional stresses. Great essence for anxiety, nervousness, fear. Can stand along or can be used with silver topaz. Helps with mental stability and self awareness. Brings you closer to your divine potential. Great stone to carry like a worry stone. Some people need to have the touch - to feel the energy of the stone itself. The essence helps with acceptance of truth. Helps the flow of the lymphatic system.



Citrine - Works with the solar plexus chakra. Aids clairvoyance. Works with the spleen and pancreas. Assists in stabilitizing the emotions and the emotional body. Assists in developing the 6th sense - hearing, seeing, and feeling subtle energy. Works with self esteem. Helps you become stronger, more powerful and more confident mentally and emotionally. Works with the subtle bodies. Helps to set boundaries and respect other people's boundaries. Helps with mental clarity and to be fully present here now.



Emerald - Enhances friendship and loving relationships. Aids in remaining balanced and at ease. A protective stone.


Garnet - Assists with sexual issues. Great for expectant mothers (can place on the skin, in the bath, or heat to remove alcohol). Helps the mother accept the beautiful Divine Being coming through their reproductive system without the distortions around sexuality present in our day and time. Helps with mother and child harmony and bonding. Helps to purify and cleanse the blood of those substances that are toxic to the body so that oxygen and nutrients can be better utilized. Supports the circulatory system.



Herkimer Diamond - Enhances creativity. Great for clearing chakras. Assists in detoxification. Protects against geopathic stress.


Imperial (Golden) Topaz - to infuse the Golden white Christ light of healing and mastery into anything you are working on. I always use this ray when I work with healing emotional wounds. Remove the trauma, the distortion, the cords, etc. and fill the space with golden white light. This essence is that ray. You can add it to a bath infusing it into every cell. Goes perfectly with Integration after body work, energy sessions, initiations, etc.



Lapis Lazuli - Assists in destressing. Great for enhancing spiritual gifts. Harmonizes the physical body with all the subtle bodies. Good for depression. Heals issues of not speaking truth.


Morganite - Works with the heart chakra. Helps you to bring closure with love, satisfaction, and harmony to any given situation. Good for healing the loss of a loved one. Helps bring balance into the endocrine system by working with the pituitary, the pineal and the hypothalmus glands. Helps with self expression, co-creativity. Can assist with vision. Helps to expand the pranic tube for greater energy movement throughout the body. Helps the body to facilitate the absorption of oxygen.



Opalescent Moonstone - Calms the emotions. Enhances psychic ability. Powerful healing tonic for women. Illuminates that which is usually hidden.


Peridot - Helps with the vision of the truth. Helps lower the veil of illusion. If you are willing to see the truth of what is there to see, it can assist with physical eye sight and 3rd eye sight. Works with the 3rd eye, heart, and throat chakras. Once you see the truth you need to speak it. Helps you to go in deep to connect with issues, patterns, or blockages that need to be brought to the surface for clearing. Helps clear things out of the emotional body.



Ruby - Works with the heart chakra. Enhances all other gem essence energies. Helps you connect with your truth of the love that you are, that love is available to you and open up the place of compassion that encompasses the essence of your God Source or the highest essence of your self. Helps you to accept every person and thing and allow them to be where they are in this time and place without judgment. Compassion allows you to be in that space of allowing others and yourself to be just as you are. Works with all energy centers. Helps you to come into balance and alignment. Helps you accept old programming, patterns and beliefs so you can move beyond them. Assists in the forgiveness of self and others. Good essence for weight loss because helps with love of self, compassion and forgiveness. From that place you can let down the physical (weight) and emotional barriers you have erected in order to protect yourself from physical and emotional pain.



Silver (clear) Topaz - Works with the heart and throat chakras. Helps with the ability to reflect out to others the truth that you are. Helps to amplify your truth. Helps you to awaken to your truth. Is an amplifier of other energies and rays. Works with the silver ray. Takes the highest divine aspects of the silver ray and brings them down into form with clarity. Will not amplify lower dense vibrations like fear, anger, chaos or confusion (thank heavens!). Helps you to speak with wisdom and gentleness. Amplifies your harmonious thoughts, truths, dreams and desires in a loving vibration. Good for healers to bring in the highest healing aspects and vibrations.



Smokey Quartz - Very grounding. Aids with detoxification and energetic pollution - geopathic, electromagnetic, etc. Helps one to embrace life.


Sugilite - Helps you to discover who you are and why you are here. Brings divine love to earth. Great protector of emotional pain. Assists with loving communication.



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