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Violet Flame Roll On and Mist

The violet flame is about:

  • transformation,
  • transmutation,
  • burning up the lower frequency things like fear that no longer serve you,
  • significantly raising your vibration in order to access higher wisdom,
  • seeing things from a new and broader perspective,
  • and much more.

It is the true alchemy the ancients sought.

Not the financial wealth of turning lead into gold, but the true wealth of turning the lead of your constricted, dense, lower, fear-based existence into the gold of expansion, enlightenment, love, and peace because of true connection with Source. And, when that transformation in consciousness has taken place, the financial wealth becomes much easier.


The Energy of the Violet Flame Channeled through Debbie "Takara" Shelor

"I Am the Violet Flame. I assist in burning up the things of lower vibration, density, darkness that keep you from being and experiencing your truth. You are a Being of Light. You are a child of God. God's table is already set. You simply need to set down and enjoy the cornucopia that is yours by Divine birthright.

But first you must re-member who you are. Re-member your truth. Re-member the Divine from which you spring.

You must forget, or let go of, the falsehoods that you believe to be so true that keep you small and wanting. Rise up my child. Enjoy what is yours. You are worthy. You are whole. You are deserving. You are One with All That Is. How could it be other than thus?

The Violet Flame will help you to see and burn through those things that no longer serve you. Enjoy the renewal that comes with this flame. We are complete."

Anyone that has spent much time with me in private sessions, workshops, or dolphin swims, will hear me talk about the various uses of the violet flame.

I often recommend visualizing violet flames and filters for people who are highly sensitive and feel off center when others are upset or there are significant world disasters occurring. Many of my students imagine a violet filter under their feet as they walk, so they don't pick up the pain from an area of the earth where battles and other traumas have occurred. (I originally heard about this from books by Amorah Quan Yin. I've changed it a bit as I am typically guided to do.)

Violet fire is very powerful as a healing energy and as an enlightenment energy. It greatly helps in overcoming procrastination. Also wonderful for getting a lot done each day. Includes Lavender (violet) aromatherapy. Mmmm I love this energy.

Violet Flame Mist and Roll-On are Now Avaiable at Our New Store: http://store.dancing-dolphin-essences.com/sacred-alchemy-mists/Violet-Flame-Mist



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